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We provide consulting for industries, businesses, real estate agents. We take care of your investments in Costa Rica

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We have wide experience in legal assessment. We understand the culture of costa Rica and how things work regarding paper work, permits, hiring buying land and many other important topics. Let us be your guide so you can take advantage of the wonders this country has to offer.

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Business Law


 We are with you step by step to turn your projects into a productive business.

Civil Litigation

We work together with our clients to give support, assement and solutions.

Insurance Defense


We share your passion for results, which is why is we give the best to have quick results.

Knowledge & Experience

We use them to offer you various legal services.Give us a call so we can

talk about your ideas or offer solutions to your issue.

See our areas of expertise.

Conocimiento & Experiencia


Master en notarial, English spoken. También brindamos asesoría corporativa en: derecho laboral, contratación administrativa y derecho tributario.

Business Law

Derecho Empresarial

Employment Law


Civil Litigation

Trámites Legales

Business Litigation

Asesoría Tributaria

Insurance Defence

Indemnizaciones del INS

Workers Compensation

Conciliaciones y Acuerdos

10 Years Of Experience in Various Cases

Through our experience, we understand a client’s needs. Our firm is constantly developing. We are prepared to meet any legal challenge.


10 años de experiencia



Satisfied Client Stories

Gran cantidad de clientes satisfechos

Beiner Ortiz

You may contact Beiner and ask all about your inquiries, set an appointment, video conference or even a visit to your house. 

Tax Law 90%
Business Law 80%
Industrial Law 75%
Labor Law 60%
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Do you know all about buying property in Costa Rica?


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Solution in 3 Easy Steps




Describe your project or idea.




We assist you with all the necessary requirements.




In this step we will be with you to help your project idea succeed and provide any extra assistance.

Concerned about the language barrier? We are bilingual...





Projects Timeline


Real Estate Costa Rica Inc. Final assesments.


Private talk: how the laws of Costa Rica apply to a foreign father with a baby born in this country. 


Private talk: what to have in mind when you have a car accident in Costa Rica


Knowledge & Experience



We bring each client a combination of deep law and cultural knowledge from expert perspectives.We offer our clients fresh business insights so they can succeed in their issues

Conocimiento & Experiencia

Brindamos a cada cliente una combinación de leyes y conocimiento cultural desde la perspectiva de expertos. Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes nuevos conocimientos comerciales para que puedan tener éxito en sus emprendimientos.

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